Did you know that we sent a spacecraft to an asteroid, and it will soon bring back a sample of that asteroid to Earth? Did you know companies are working with NASA to develop a new lunar lander that will pave the way for a Moon base in the coming years? Did you know that GPS and DirecTV signals come from satellites in space (built by Lockheed Martin)?

This is the satellite that provides GPS! (Credit: Lockheed Martin)

If you answered no to at least one of those questions, this blog series is for you! And friend, don’t feel bad about not knowing those things! I grew up watching Space Shuttles launch and watching every episode of Stargate trying to figure out how I could make one myself to travel to all these cool planets out there. I went on to study aerospace engineering in college, and even designed an entirely reusable lunar lander my senior year. I’ve even worked on the next human spaceflight mission to the Moon. But despite all of that, there are still things I learn about our presence in space EVERY. DAY. I think it is absolutely imperative that our society as a whole understands what we have done in space, what we are capable of, and WHY we are doing it. SO – that brings me to the point of this series.

Orion Crew Module. This will take humans back to the Moon and eventually Mars! (Credit: NASA)

Often times, you might be really interested in a topic, but feel so overwhelmed with the shear amount of information out there that you don’t even know where to start. I know I feel like that with politics a lot, especially during election season. So, in this series of “Space 101”, I’m going to start from the very beginning of our endeavors in space. Each week, I’ll share some really amazing things with you, but more importantly, I will explain the importance of them and how you use these technologies every day! Not only do we have things like GPS powered by satellites orbiting our Earth, but the missions we send into space are a true testament of countries working together toward something bigger than all of us. We are able to study our Earth to help fight climate change, we can explore our universe looking for other life forms, and we can protect our country from threats all thanks to the awesome technologies existing in space. So check back weekly (or hit the subscribe button on the right!) to learn about the AWESOME things we do in space and how important they are to our everyday lives!