This year especially, I urge you to shop small when you can. I’ve compiled this list of my favorite space-related gifts from small shops that are sure to make any space lover in your life happy!

Hand-Poured Space-Themed Home Goods and Wall Art

Shop here from Cosmic Creativ
Cosmic Creativ is AMAZING and her art is beautiful! Make sure to follow her on Instagram too. All of her work is small batch – here’s an example:

Moon LED Lamp

Buy it here from TrendyLush on Etsy
Price: $35+ depending on size

Space Cork Coasters

Buy them here from TheRingTree on Etsy
Price: $16.50

Retro NASA Posters

Buy them here from DavesOffice on Etsy
Price: $13.42+ depending on size

Space Wall Decals

Buy them here from FabDecals on Etsy
Price: $36.80+ depending on size

Clothing from Cosmic Clothing Shop

Shop here!
They have items for women, men, and kids (even infants!). Here are a few of my favorite articles of clothing:

Accessories from Cosmic Clothing Shop

Shop here
They have phone cases, laptop cases, beanies, and masks. Here are a few of my favs!

STEAM inspired clothing and accessories from Svaha

Shop here
Svaha is all about creating STEAM inspired fashion. My absolute favorite item is this pair of *glow in the dark* Moon pajamas. I wear them every night!

Special Date Planet Alignment Poster

Buy it here from Forever Aligned
Price: $59.99

Joe and I have one in our house from the day we met!

History of Rockets Mug

Buy it here from WisdomOfClouds on Etsy
Price: $16.95+ depending on size

Apollo Cockpit Tie

Buy it here from Cyberoptix on Etsy
Price: $40.00

Space Whiskey Glasses

Buy them here from GreenlineGlassware on Etsy
Price: $24.98

Moon Necklace

Buy it here from BeautySpot on Etsy
Price: $17.85

Great Women of Science Pint Glass

Buy it here from CognitiveSurplus on Etsy
Price: $22.95

Kids Rocket Nightlight

Buy it here from LightedGiftsAndMore on Etsy
Price: $23.00

And lastly, your very own Martian Garden!

Grow your own plants in Martian simulate soil. The chemical composition was determined from Mars rovers and landers!

Buy it here from
Price varies

Happy holidays!