Camille has extensive experience in space business development and marketing at both startups and aerospace primes. She has worked on a variety of cutting-edge space technologies including commercial artificial gravity space stations, in-space spacecraft refueling architectures, and the Orion crew capsule for the Artemis program.

Camille founded The Galactic Gal in 2020 to make STEM education more accessible. Growing up in rural North Carolina, Camille's access to STEM careers and role models was limited. She uses her social media reach to connect with people globally, exposing them to STEM and the space industry, and inspiring them to pursue their STEM passions no matter their background.

Camille has been featured in the New York Times and the Washington Post for her science outreach, and has appeared on NASA TV and Fox Business segments. Camille is also a LinkedIn Top Voice for space, and she speaks globally to schools and professionals about a variety of topics related to the space industry.

Camille graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. She also attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for high school with a focus on trumpet performance. She was a nationally-ranked trumpet player and is an avid believer in STEAM: STEM + Art.